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Scrapbook House Staff and Design Team
Staff and Design Team
– Emily, Tahnee, Celeste, Tania, Vivienne, Sharon, Michelle
and Wendy (somehow she managed to skip out of this picture!)

Staff – Tania, Sharon, Celeste, Emily, Tahnee and Wendy
Design Team – Tania, Sharon, Celeste, Michelle and Vivienne.

Tania Littlely


I’m the one you will most likely talk to if you ring the phone, email or message the store. As the owner I work everyday, and teach some nights too. The Scrapbook House is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle and I am so very proud and happy to have the privilege of bringing crafting into the lives of so many. I design under sufferance, because my work takes sooooo long to create, and I professionally procrastinate, but I love to teach our classes, and am happiest when I am helping our clients.

My super-power : being able to fall sleep within minutes and sleep soundly all night.

Scrapbook House Layout by Tania LittlelyTania’s Gallery

Sharon Drown

 sharon scrapbook house staff and design team

Scrapbook House Layout Totallly Lovable by Sharon Drown
Sharon’s Gallery

Celeste Glover

       Celeste Glover Scrapbook House Staff and Design team

Scrapbook House layout by Celeste Glover

New Junior Staff Member – coming soon! 

Emily Littlely


I’ve been surrounded by scrapbooking all my life and it only seemed natural to take up the craft myself and work in the store. I worked on weekends and school holidays whilst at high school, and now I’m at Uni I have helped out when I’ve been home. I design and teach the kids scrapbooking and art journaling classes and have great fun with the girls.

Art Journal page Scrapbook House

Wendy Maisey

The elusive Wendy – somehow she manages to escape photographs!

Michelle Hearnden

Scrapbook House Design Team Michelle

Scrapbook House Layout by Michelle Hearnden
Michelle’s Gallery

Vivienne Crudeli

Scrapbook House Design Team Vivienne Crudeli

I’m a country girl and very down to earth. Married to a wonderful man, have 4 daughters and 1 son, and 7 grandchildren. Although working, my out of hours activities revolve around craft (patchwork, knitting, sewing, family research, scrapbooking and cards) and my little mending business, family and friends. I started scrapbooking about 7 years ago and only recently acquired a taste for cards (something I never thought would happen (as cards didn’t interest me!!) Well there you go, all Tania’s fault, she got me started!! Now I help her out with classes. So to all you out there, even if you think it doesn’t interest you, come in and give it a go, you  never know. Viv


Some older photos of staff and design team 

2016 Scrapbook Retreat Bling theme
2016 Scrapbook Retreat Bling theme Celeste – Tania – Sharon
scrapbook house staff 2014
Pretty sure this was stocktake, 2014 it’s about the only time we are all together Sharon – Clarissa – Tania – Pamela – Emily
Scrapbook Houses Staff Photo 2103
2013 – Scrapbooking in Wonderland Retreat . Pamela – Tania – Kira – Sharon
Scrapbook House Staff photo Tania Emily 2013
2011 – A weekend in Paris Retreat Kira – Emily – Tania – Sharon
scrapbook house 2011
Biggest Morning Tea Tania – Emily – Kira – Sharon

Scrapbook House Staff Tahnee

Tahnee started with us as a junior working on Saturdays and school holidays working here for 5 years, until she graduated and now she currently works full-time in a local daycare facility in Geraldton.